About  Little Joe® 

The  Little Joe®  family was created in mid 2014, headquartered in Switzerland.

60 Countries and Counting !

Little Joe® Air Fresheners have passed rigorous testing in order to sell to OEM car companies such as Audi.

Since their launch, Little Joe® has already gained distribution in over 60 countries worldwide !

Fun Animated 3D Character !

The Little Joe® air freshener was created to be a fun animated 3D character! When you feel like you might be having “one of those days”, Little Joe® is there to brighten up your day and “Put A Smile In The Air” !

A clip enables the scented Little Joe® character to be fitted to any A/C air vent to release his fragrance uniformly into your car for long-lasting freshness.

Unlike many hanging air fresheners, the Little Joe® scent never seems to overwhelm your car even when opened for the first time.

Advance Technologies

Little Joe® is made of EVA, a thermoplastic and non-toxic polymer.

Produce In Italy !

It contains an alcohol-free fragrance oil to help minimize unpleasant odors in your car or truck.

Non-Hazardous. No Hazard pictograms required on package.

Little Joe® is produced in Italy, home to some of the world’s best fragrance producers.

High Quality Production !

The Little Joe® fragrances are designed and developed by a high quality production facilities in Italy, through the collaboration of famous fragrances houses – thus ensuring only the highest quality of fragrance in your car.

Little Joe® appears in various colourful characters to bring renewed excitement to planograms and has additional designs for future line extensions.

Little Joe® Packaging

Cute, fresh and long-lasting air freshener.




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