Choose a Perfect Package
That Works For You

There are 3 packages that Little Joe® Malaysia offer to become our agent :


What Do You Get ?

International and well-known products.

Early bird price for you to conquer your region before others do !

Marketing Support

We will provide full support to help you make money and create your own legacy.

Product Video

Get promotional product videos from time to time to boost your social media content.

Product Advantage

Only agents will get special fragrances that are not sold elsewhere.

Rewarding Business

You will get rewarded if targets are achieved. It’s easy because these are fresh and of lifestyle product category.

Marketing Materials

We provide you with high quality promotional images and designs directly from our designer.


You get advertisement exposure on our website. We will let you be in the spotlight within you dominated region.

Want To Become Partner – Stockist ?

You want to control your region ?

You can create your team as big as you want.

This is the time for you to change your world from zero to hero !


Perhaps you want to ask any of these questions. Let’s take a look.

Where can we get all the details about Little Joe’s products ?

You can get all the information from this link : Info

What are the retail prices of the products ?

Little Joe 3D’s retail selling price is RM18.90

Little Joe Paper Card’s retail selling price is RM8.90

How many partners for each region will you appoint ?

We will have maximum of 7 stockists for the high demand regions such as Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. In the other regions, it would be maximum of 3-5 stockists only. It will be on first come first served basis.

Can customer buy directly from Little Joe Malaysia HQ ?

Yes but they will have to pay the same retail price. No compromise.

Is there any agreement document between Little Joe Malaysia HQ and partners ?

Yes. All partners need to follow the terms & conditions (T&C) and Little Joe Malaysia HQ have the rights to terminate any partners who do not adhere to the given T&C.

Can partners make use of marketing materials from Little Joe Malaysia HQ ?

Yes, we provide marketing materials to boost partners’ sale. Partners can get these from our communication channels (telegram and website).

How does the agent system work ?

You need to make a full payment in advance when ready to join any agent package. You will get the stock and make profit as you sell it.

Can I cancel at any time ?

Yes you can. But why when you can make money out of this great air freshener ?

Can agent create a team ?

Yes. Agent can create their own team when they pick the higher agent package. For example you are now on SUPER JOE package, you can sell a SUB JOE and MINI JOE package.

Can we sell offline and online ?

Yes, you can sell on both platforms. But you need to get approval from Little Joe Malaysia HQ if you want to approach any shops/outlets.

How often do you release new content ?

We are committed to the business. You will get at least 4 designs each week for your marketing campaigns.

When will the first batch of stock arrive in Malaysia ?

We will announce to all agents once the stock arrives. Early bird agents will get their stock first.

Can we use Little Joe Logo ?

You need to get an approval from Little Joe Malaysia HQ first because its a trademark. We will forward your request to trademark owner.

Choose agent package above or contact us for partner – stockist package !